Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about your up-coming renovation project? Maybe you might find some easy answers here. If not, contact us for a chat to discuss your needs and project.

This is quite honestly our most frequently asked question. This conversation usually then begins with another question, how long is a piece of string? 

The cost of any renovation project comes down to many different components of the job. From what you want done, to the fixtures you choose, to the finishes on cupboards and benches and light fittings. 

We generally suggest you start off with a budget and identify what you’d “like” done and we will then work with that budget to come up with an end result which will put a big smile on your face and not break the bank.

The length of time for a project comes down to many factors including:

  • What needs to be done,
  • How many additional trades will need to be involved,
  • Availability of all materials.

Yes we certainly can. Unlike other businesses which may specialise in a particular field, we are a complete renovation company and provide you with the services needed from start to finish. We have the trades on staff that will be needed to complete your renovation project.

More information coming soon.