So, why are you renovating?

So, why are you renovating?

It’s one of the first things we ask. The second is what is your budget? But that’s a whole seperate post!

Are you looking to sell?

If you are, KEEP IT SIMPLE, classic and clean. Take your exact tastes out of the equation. Maximise your appeal with a space that will attract a larger pool of buyers who can see themselves in the space with their own personal belongings. Create extra drama with items that can be removed.

Also ensure that you do not over capitalise!

Is there damage to repair?

Something that is unforeseen at times but necessary for you to actually act and get your renovation completed. For a bathroom, rotten timbers and leaking showers are the main culprits. Ensure your renovator is completing proper waterproofing measures that this does not happen in the future.

We need an update/not our style.

Is this your forever home? If it is then go crazy. Stay within your limits of budget and the value add of the property but make sure that you choose something that you will love for the next 10-15 years. Don’t always go with what’s on trend today, as it may not be trendy in 3 years time, and it can be sometimes expensive the change just for fashions sake!

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